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Distinguished Design Grills, a Subsidiary of Classic Grills

"Classic Grills - Finally!  A Grill Worth Framing"

Classic Grills was founded to fill a void in the artistic grill and register market. Many custom register manufacturers make seven to ten different popular sizes. With this concept, your will still have several modern type registers. Some manufacturers make a nice looking grill without a damper assembly. Without a damper, you sacrifice comfort just for the look of a grill. At Classic Grills we have over 400 patterns to cover most any size you may need. Over sixty different sizes are kept in stock for immediate delivery. Proper air control is very important for personal comfort. Our supply registers have adjustable dampers installed to control airflow. Return grills have a diffuser screen installed. The screen hides any background and disperses airflow through the entire grill.

What is Bronze? Bronze is a metal highly prized by sculptors and museums for fine art. It is a copper alloy which is usually made from copper, silica, tin and zinc. The result is a metal that beautifully accepts an artist's patina. Bronze ages elegantly, whether it is exposed to the elements indoors or outside.

Every grill is sand-cast in a mold and individually poured. After cleaning, a hand-fired patina is applied. The variance of the heat and the mix of patina give every grill an individual look. Some may be lighter, some will be darker and some will have more marbling than others. Every grill has a handcrafted quality feel and look you will appreciate for years. 

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