How To Measure for proper Sizing of Grill Orders

Sizing your order is very important.

If we don't list the grill you need, Call us. We will be happy to quote you with price and availability. We have several additional sizes at our shop.

Three simple steps for sizing your grill

  1. Always remember the call size of the grill is the same size as the opening in the wall, ceiling or floor. It is not the outside dimension of a grill.

  2. Measure the length of the opening first. ("A" in the diagram below). Example: If the opening is on a wall, the length would be the horizontal left to right measurement. The height would be dimension "B", the vertical top to bottom measurement.

  3. Most register manufacturers size their grills in two-inch increments. For example: Length ("A": 10", 12" or 14". Height ("B": 4", 6" or 8". Your grill size might be a little smaller or the wall opening size might be a little larger. This is normal; it creates a loose fit in the wall for the grill. The loose fit allows room to properly level the grill.

Installation of your Grill, Air Vent Cover, Return Air Register

To install your new grill, simply remove your old register. Clean the inside of the duct outlet and spray it with flat black spray paint or the color of your choice. Install the new grill with the screws provided.