French Quarter Themed Custom Grille

The "French Quarter" themed custom grille is our newest design of resin grilles.  The French Quarter theme is inspired from a recent trip to New Orleans, our goal was to capture some of the beauty and charm of the area. 
As not to deter from its ornate design, the grills are available with a matte black finish and a flat frame.

Resin grills have shorter roduction times.  The resin grills are light-weight and can be used indoors or outdoors.

We create custom designs for clients every day, either variations on an existing pattern or completely unique creations.

proportionally correct larger scale patterns can easily be achieved for larger grilles and decorative screens.

Grilles can be provided with or without O.B.D. Dampers.  Dampers can also be supplied separately.

Grilles can be provided with or without holes. Please specify upon placement of order.

Material: Proprietary Thermal Resin Formulation.  Can be supplied in any size, in both flat and concave or convex profiles to match the curve of a wall or ceiling.

Please see recommended painting and staining instructions.

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