Iron Ring Pattern Grille

Inspired for the oldest chateaus in Italy, this Iron Ring Pattern Grille, Air Vent Cover or Register was born in the buildings time lost to history.

The design has been used in classical and contemporary projects, and many more.

We create custom grills, custom registers, custom air vent covers for clients every day; either variations on an existing pattern or completely unique creations.

Proportionally correct larger scale patterns can easily be achieved for larger grilles and decorative screens.

Grills, Registers or Air Vent Covers can be provided with or without O.B.D. (Opposed Blade Damper)  Dampers can also be supplied separately.

Grilles can be provided with or without holes.  Please specify when placing your order.

Material:  Proprietary Thermal Resin Formulation can be supplied in any size grill, any size register, any size air vent cover in both flat and concave or convex profiles to match curve of a wall or ceiling.

Please see recommended painting and staining instructions.

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